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evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. we begin with shocking developments regarding the firings of hundreds of d.c. teachers. those firings happened six months ago. teachers were blamed for everything from low-performing students to accusations of sexual assault, but now it turns out a miscalculation in the school's budget was really going on. the mistake was brought up at the drawing up of the teachers' contract last week. >> reporter: there are serious questions about how dire the city's public school's budget crisis really was. someone's math was off, way off. just last week, city officials and union leaders were hugging. tuesday night a different mood. >> we all are quite angry at this situation. >> reporter: since the city laid off 266 teachers last fall, the washington teachers union contended the lay-offs were jun justified and unnecessary. late tuesday word spread someone made a major mathematical mistake. officials were basing projections on an average salary of $81,000 a year. recently, someone realized teachers in d.c. make about $15,000 less. tuesday, rei
out of his store. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. they thought they picked an easy target, boy were they wrong. jackie benson has more on this story. >> reporter: jim, little if any violent crime ever happens here. that's why people are somewhat aed at the a awed at the reaction of this feisty italian gentleman. >> i reached for my gun. i shoot a couple time. and then they throw something on my face. >> reporter: just out of the hospital with his headbandaged from the bashing he took, this 76-year-old talked about how he struggled with then shot at two armed robbers who entered his kensington jewelry store. thr weapon was a bb gun. his is real. >> i always carry a gun. i'm licensed for it. >> reporter: the robbers grabbed the store owner's gun and ran into the street, chased by a bleeding victim. the two men jumped in the car and fled the streets of antique row. inside the jewelry shop, this woman helped clean up the mess left behind by what was clearly a violent struggle. is he a tough guy? >> yes. he was so sick. >> reporter: she's been after her husband f
to one. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. it appears last night's mass shooting in south eastern washington may have been a double retaliation and came hours after many of the victims attended the funeral of another friend. craig melvin has spoken with family members of several of those gunned down. we begin with jane watrel and the first reaction to the mayor of what happened. >> reporter: doreen, a the lot more information is coming out tonight due to court hearings and a news conference held by the mayor and chief of police. this deadly cycle of events is a case of revenge and counterrevenge, all over the piece of missing jewelry. the two men charged with tuesday night's mass shooting stood silently in d.c. superior court. 26-year-old nathaniel simms is facing three counts of first degree murder while 20-year-old orlander carter faces three murder charges. mourners were gathered outside the 4000 block of capital southeast, a minivan opened up and its occupants openedfire, killing four wounding five. >> i'm convinced that orlander killed my son. >> reporter: di
, two local officers have been suspended and more parchment could be coming. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. tonight the president of the university of maryland reacted for the first time to that videotaped beating of a student. that video diminishes the efforts of police in prince george's county to form a better relationship with the public. jackie benson is at police headquarters now with that report. >> reporter: jim, we know there were 100 officers on the scene that night. 50 of them have been questioned. two have been suspended and at least two more suspensions are expected. the video of university of maryland student jack mckenna being beaten by prince george's county police officers may be the last straw in a battle that's been wage forward nearly a decade in college park. police officers have been suspended in an internal use of force probe. the fbi is investigating possible civil rights violations. the prince george's county police department is stinging from accusations it has not made good on pledgees to reform. >> we will not go back. an isolated inci
, approval of the obama health care reform claim is down from about 50% to 39%. jim and doreen, back to you. >> steve handelsman, thank you, steve. >>> big finale here in wash is not the only tea party protest taking place today. julie carey is also on the national mall with more on that. hi, julie. >> reporter: tier organizers estimate as many as 2,000 rallies took place in communities across the country today. no northern virginia local act striss gathered in fredericksburg and woodbridge. about 150 tea party activists came to hear mostly republican elected leaders rail against washington. the headliner here is former virginia governor and senator george allen. >> when we see up in washington, these days, are people that are disconnected. they are out of touch. they are about as clueless as hogs looking at a timex watch. >> reporter: it provides sleeg answer for the party activists' anger. november is coming. way my country back. their battle flag, revolutionary era don't tread on me. most say government spending and health care reform drew them to the tea party movement. >> it is time fo
school employees won't. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the loudoun county school board decided that there will be two furlough days during the next school year. schools in the county will close and no activities will be scheduled. the county says the furloughs will save jobs. aaron gilchrist joins us now with the story. hi, aaron. >> doreen and jim, it was a choice nobody wanted to make. fire nearly 400 employees or cut every school employee's salary. effectively that's what the furlough does and today loudoun county faculty and staff learned exactly when that will happen. mill road elementary school today a fifth grade lesson on the periodic table for their teacher and all 10 thousand school employees in loudoun county. today meant the difficult math lesson. >> lost $50 million in local funding and $22 million overall and we are growing. >> reporter: loudoun school leaders scrambled to devise a plan to fill the hole in the 2010-'11 budgets. salaries making up 88% of the budget costs, there weren't many options. >> we could have raised fees for participation in sp
inside the convention center, important work has been taking place. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. president obama warned today of a potential catastrophe should nuclear components fall into the wrong hands. this message appears to have been well received. steve handelsman is at the summit now with more on the story. steve? >> reporter: thanks. good evening. the president says he got what he wanted. at this massive summit, the largest ever held in washington, d.c., iran was on everyone's mind but the top item on the agenda was so-called luis nukes. president obama declared his summit succeeded in making america safer. >> make concrete commitments and tangible steps to secure nuclear materials so that they never fall into the hands of terrorists who would surely use them. >> reporter: he opened his mega-meeting of 47 nations with a warning. >> the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down. but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up. >> reporter: the problem is no longer rockets carrying hydrogen, bombs. a nuclear the size of an april until a tr
. beautiful day. >>> beautiful day for us, too. when is the rain coming in? >> the rain, doreen -- doreen. windy, and jim. the rain about midday tomorrow. so starting a little on the dry side. still overcast. but for sure we are going to have showers around here tomorrow. let's take a look today because we did have sunshine. filtered sunshine and we will take that. highs today in the upper 60s across the area. in fact, a degree or two warmer than we were yesterday. you know what? tomorrow likely to be the second coolest afternoon of april. all right. temperature right now is at 67 degrees. reagan national airport. wind out of the south-southeast at five miles per hour. and we have seasonable conditions through the area. just look at the average high. that's at 68. considering that tomorrow is going to be around 60, it is going to be cool. all right. right now throughout the mid atlantic, temperatures from 67. hagerstown, 71 in richmond, virginia. 70 in raleigh. close to 70 degrees right now in norfolk, virginia. where today we have seen wind shift. winds today have been primarily out of t
's bathroom mirrors caused authorities to send it elsewhere first. jackie benson has more. >> reporter: doreen, seems like it's happening more frequently. a continental airlines flight from houston, texas, was supposed to arrive at dulles airport at 11:00 a.m., instead the plane was diverted at the order of federal officials. the 48 passengers on board spent several hours at an airport in greensboro, north carolina, they were questioned by fbi agents and local police about the discovery of what is described as a bomb threat written on a bathroom mirror. flight 30.06 finally arrived at 5:15 p.m. >> 11 passengers were questioned. the people who were in the bathroom, they were questioned again. >> when we landed -- on the runway there's fire trucks, what's going on? there was a bomb threat in the bathroom, something like that. >> no evidence of a bomb was found. it's the most recent series of disturbing incidents, airline flights diverted because of real or perceived threats of terrorism. last month the commercial flight from d.c. to denver was escorted by fighter planes after a passenger, a dipl
>>> one teenager has a close call when a bullet flies through her bedroom. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. that bullet flew through three walls brit stopped in a bedroom. jackie benson is here with more on this story. >> reporter: jim this young lady, was very lucky. >> hit the picture. >> reporter: this is the hole made by a .9 mill miter bullet that went through three walls, two exterior and one interior before bouncing off this bedroom wall. the eighth grade honor student was lying on her bed studying moments later. >> then i got a call. i answered it. i just dropped the phone and then i picked it up. she was like what was that noise? and i was like i don't even know. then when i came out, it was like kind of smokey. and that's why i thought it was the outlet or something. and then i came in here. i saw that hole in the poster was like shattered. >> reporter: she did what every teenage woehr r would do in a s situation, she called her dad. her dad is an executive chef. he set a person best track record coming home. >> the damage it could have done to my d
of the afternoon. good evening. i'm doreen gensler. >> and i'm jim vance. that robbery happened at nellie's sports bar on u street at a time when deliveries are normally made there. craig is there now. >> reporter: good evening to you here at the corner of ninth and u, nellie's is a very popular sports bar. monday afternoon, the owner was inside getting ready to open when robbers stormed in. take a good look. d.c. police say these are the two men who robbed nellie's sports bar on u street in broad daylight. they robbed the place just after 1:00 monday afternoon. >> two individuals followed in behind an open rear door. one of those individuals produced a handgun and demanded money. there was a struggle and the victim -- there was a bit of an assault involving the victim. >> reporter: the robbers made off with about 300 bucks and the manager wag fine, but it could have been far worse. >> seems violent. you can see the one individual was wearing a baseball cap and has dreadlocks and appears to have a firearm and points it directly at the victim. >> reporter: d.c. police say they believe this was an i
would kill such a beloved educator. jackie bensen has more. >> reporter: doreen, news 4 has learned detectives are looking closely at the victim's computer and cell phone records. they are trying to determine if he was murdered by someone he met by a popular classified ads website. investigators have said because there was no sign of forced entry, brian betts was likely murdered by someone he allowed into his silver spring home. he was found shot to death last thursday after he failed to show up for work at shaw middle school in northwest d.c. neighbors reported seeing betts grilling on his deck wednesday evening. police have added new information to the timeline of his last hours. >> we believe he was alive up to 11:30 p.m. wednesday night. >> reporter: some items of value appear to be taken from the home. the victim's car was found saturday in southeast washington. >> we have some witness statements that state that they think the vehicle was dropped off friday about noon between noon and 3:00 p.m. in southeast d.c. where two subjects were seen exiting the vehicle. >> reporter: stu
remember a gifted principal who was shot and killed inside his own home. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. jim vance is off tonight. the murder has stunned montgomery county and the district where brian bett poured his energy. he attracted the attention of former "nightly news" anchor tom brokaw. the search is on for his killer. jackie benson is in rockville with the latest on this. >> reporter: it is rare to find someone who was loved by so many people. that's what makes this murder all the more shocking. >> doesn't matter what anyone else sees in you, he always saw the good. >> reporter: in germantown where brian betts once taught, devastated former students and colleagues gathered to remember him. he spent nearly two decades with the montgomery county public school system. students penned these remembrances of him. >> he believed in every kid that walked through the door. he really treated each one like they were the most important kid in the world, and they felt it for him. >> reporter: two years ago betts took on the greatest challenge of his professional life, answering d.c. school
. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the air space in europe is beginning to open up with the first busy day of air traffic expected tomorrow. tonight the first americans trapped overseas by the volcanic ash clouds arrived home. craig melvin spoke with some of them at dulles airport. >> reporter: hey, doreen. 6.8 million passengers, that's how many have been affected by that volcano in iceland so far. all major european airports are open tonight. that meant today here at dulles, the traffic began to return. brad's wife was supposed to be back in reston, virginia, friday. >> we thought they would get out. they were living the life of reilly over there >> reporter: after the welcome-home hug, wins low set the record straight. >> tired. stuck in paris. don't make it sound glamorous. my boss won't like that. no one was giving us any information. air france wasn't answering the phone. >> reporter: the eruption has been spewing volcanic ash hasn't stopped, but slowed. the cloud paralyzed travelers for millions. officials say the air is clear enough to get planes flying agai
. dor re doreen, back to you. >>> four sfunts walking through immigration reform arrived in our area this afternoon. the group of young 20 somethings began their 1500 mile walk in miami, florida, on january 1st. they arrived in alexandria today. they plan to go to the white house on wednesday. they want to ask president obama to issue an executive order that would suspend detention and deportation of undocumented students. >>> d.c. police leave a fifth arrest in last month's shooting in southeast washington closed the case. this morning officers arrested a 21-year-old jeffrey bets. he's been charged with several counts of murder. almost a month ago four people were killed and five others were injured in a drive by shooting on south capitol street. four others face charges in the shooting as well. the police chief captain said today's arrest closes a chapter in one of the city's most violent acts. >>> family members of a man who died on a softball field in northern virginia this weekend spoke out for the first time tonight. they remembered his passion for life, his dedication to helpi
their playoff run at home with an overtime thriller. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. we begin with a sexting scandal rocking two schools in bethesda. students were selling pictures of exposed girls to other students during the school day. police got involved and are now leading the investigation. darcy spencer is at pyle middle school with more. >> reporter: school officials are not saying how many girls were involved or how many pictures were taken. that's all part of what's become a criminal investigation. at thomas pyle middle school in bethesda, the principal sent home a letter to parents alerting them to a sexting scheme with pictures of girls circulated through cell phones and e-mail. >> many are these are straight-a students, great kids who made a choice they have to live with for a long time. >> reporter: the principal said the girls posed willingly or took the pictures themselves. the principal found out about the activity when a student brought i-touch device to school that contained inappropriate pictures of the girls who are mostly eighth graders. >> the girl
're seeing from our radar right now. jim, doreen? >> thanks, veronica. >> the clean-up and recovery efforts continue aft big tornadoes over the weekend throughout the southeast. >> those tornadoes killed at least 12 people, left dozens injured and destroyed a number of homes and businesses. one of the hardest hit areas was yazoo city, mississippi. jay gray has our report. >> she had a big heart. she would do anything in the world for anybody. >> i'm in a tornado right now. >> as a violent tornado ripped across northeast mississippi, micky carpenter's thoughts turned to her three young kids. with 170-mile-an-hour winds rocking her mobile home, nicky apparently reacted the only way she knew how. >> got a mattress off the bed and put it over those three boys. >> after the storms passed, it took neighbors more than two hours to work their way through the debris. this is what was left. carpenter's trailer had been mauled. >> he said it looked like bull doerzs went around that house and just pushed it all together in a big pile. >> reporter: as they dug their way inside, they finally found nicky'
. doreen and jim. >> all right. tom kierein, thank you. >>> firefighters are battling a brush fire that spans up to 100 acres in hardie county, west virginia. that fire was burning near the town of wardensville over the west virginia border. fire officials say at one point flames reached within 100 feet of several homes. local authorities are considering bringing in helicopters to make water drops at the site of the fire. officials say a man was burning brush illegally when he lost control of the fire. >>> it took nearly three years but today the de school system and the teachers union announce ad contract. if it is approved by union membership the new deal will sharply boost pay scales. it will also toughen some working conditions. tom sherwood is in the newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: nearly 4,000 teachers are affected by this deal. it is more money but more accountability, too. mayor fenty and union officials announced what they call a breakthrough teacher agreement. one that could be a model for other urban systems mired in disputes. >> this contract is one of the most
elaine? >> well, doreen, there are two confirmed susz pensions and we have also learned that the internal investigation revealed they have identified every police officer on that tape that we have all seen. they have not given a number and not telling us how many. they are saying that they are -- in the process of being suspended tonight but again, they would not give anybody's names or not give us a total number. we hope to learn that later tonight or tomorrow. they tell us that the officers were i.d.'d through the internal investigation. but also some of the officers involved have come forward volume taurly. conference gop under way about a half hour ago. you may remember the incident happened after the duke/maryland basketball game last month. 21-year-old jack mckenna was a student there and is a person has the attention of the police. you see there. prince george's county police. and the original report says that mckenna hit the officers and horses but you see that the tape shows otherwise. here is major andy ellis of the prince george's county police department and
and doreen gentzler next with "news4 at 6:00." >>> another setback had the search for four missing miners. >> metro access driver is arrested and accused in a sexual assault after customer. >>> lawmakers in maryland vote on whether hand-held cell phones can be used by drivers. >>> first tonight supreme court justice john paul stevens gives president obama another opportunity to shape the high court with the announcement he will retire. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. stevens served almost 35 years as justice. this year will be his last. he is stepping down when the court recesses in june. jennifer johnson joins us now from outside of the court with more on this story. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, jim and doreen. that's right. justice stevens informed the president of his decision in a letter sent to the white house this morning ruined 10:30 this morning. it comes 11 days before his 90th birthday. justice john paul stevens was appointed to the court in 1975. but days before turning the 90, dhees eyeded it was time to go. he felt it would be in the court's best
's long criminal history. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the criminal history has many people asking why the 14-year-old was out on the street. pat collins is at police head quarters in northwest d.c. with more on that. >> reporter: when people are arrested in the city of washington, oftentimes they are put in the custody of a trusted agency. but it appears sometimes that no one is watching what they do. and that can have dire consequences. police say that it was a teenager at the wheel and that south capitol street drive-by. and here are some disturbing numbers. the suspect is 14 years old. he began committing crimes when he was 9. he has been arrested ten times. including charges of robbery and assault on a police officer. six times the court ordered youth services to keep him in a secure place. six times he managed to get away. and now he's back in court. this time facing the crge of murder. the fourth suspect. after the mass shooting on south capitol street, a police chase. four suspects seen running on 7th and yuma streets southeast from the minivan used in th
good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. that hearing today comes less than two weeks after the securities and exchange commission accused goldman sachs of fraud. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on this story. >> this hearing has to have set a record for profanity and cursing not because it got so emotional but because senators angry at goldman sachs kept reading back and continuing at this hour to read back profanity-laced e-mails. if you are a student of congress write down this date and this hearing. you have never heard language like this. but the senators were disappointed. they wanted the goldman guys to come up here today and confess to wrongdoing and apologize. and they didn't. four top goldman sachs bankers went to the senate hot seat and denied wrongdoing. >> we do not cause the financial crisis. >> i don't have regrets about doing things improper. >> no regrets. you ought to have plenty of regrets. >> reporter: the government is suing goldman for selling mortgage securities while secretly betting the housing market would crash. be
to look at links between cell phones and help was launched in europe. doreen gentzler joins with us more on this. >> this is a question a lot of us wonder about and this study is different because it is going to focus on long-term effects of cell phone use as well as cell phone behavior like where you carry your phone or even how often you use it to text message. up until now most researchers found cell phones are relatively safe. critics say the studies haven't gone beyond ten years and cancer symptoms can take as long as 15 years to appear. >> driving around, cell phone to my ear all the time. >> i wake up and check it to make sure it is okay. >> we are a cell phone addicted society. in spite of our dependence on cell phones, experts say the jury is still out on whether they are safe. today five european countries launch the cohort study on mobile communication or could most. it hopes of getting better answers. it is the largest project of its kind looking at the cell phone habits of more than 250,000 people ages 18 to 69 in britain, finland, netherlands, sweden and denma denmark. >> t
clouds for sunday. but even sunday isn't going to be too bad, jim and doreen. 88, close to 90 degrees rhine here. a while since we have seen heat like that. really it is -- storms for the afternoon on sunday. >> we will make the most of the warm temperatures. still coming up in our next half hour of "news4 at 6:00," man that worked as a little league referee and coach in northern virginia is convicted of a sex crime. police believe there may be more victims. >>> judge that admitted to deflatding the tire of an illegally parked car could face sanctions. >> police say scammers in our area were promising families u.s. citizenship in exchange for large amounts of money. >> and the suit o.j. simpson wore on the day he was acquitted arrived at a museum in our area. >> coming up in sports, i think you heard by now capitals crumble in game seven. we will hear from the players and the coach. we are heading to the golf course. tiger is back playing after the masters. "news4 at 6:00" continues. >>> an alleged scam targeting people hoping to become u.s. citizens. >> montgomery county police have
closely with a family to finalize funeral arrangements hopefully sometime tomorrow. doreen? >> all right. john schriffen reporting. thank you, john. >>> president obama called dorothy height a hero to so many americans. even as the final weeks of her life, dr. height continued her fight to make our nation a more open and inclusive place for people of referee race, gender and background and faith. >>> the family after school principal who was murdered is in town now planning his funeral. speaking out about his life outside of the classroom. police are following new clues in the search for the man. his name is brian betts. the police believe that betts allowed the killer into his house. police are now going over his computer and cell phone records to see if he was murdered by someone he may have met through a classified ads website. police also say that two people dumped the stolen vehicle found over the weekend. >> reporter: as you can see, the crime scene remains around betts' home and, you know to a lot of people, it is because of the news story, he is a murder victim. he was also a big
. >> doreen gentzler is here with more on this. >> doctors say it is a stunning breakthrough. the vaccine isn't going prevent prostate cancer but could allow patients to live longer. >> i had my operation 12 years ago and everything has been okay for about ten years. psa started to climb. >> this is thomas 'agriculture second battle with prostate cancer. after undergoing surgery the disease came back and treatment stopped working. >> it was suggested to me by my oncologist in pittsburgh, he had heard of the study. and he thought that this might be a good situation for me. >> reporter: the study was looking at a treatment for men with kyle that have vanszed prostate cancer. the fda approved the treatment marking the first time the doctors successfully been able to use the body's own immune system to fight off cancer cells. >> people have been talking about doing this for years. a lot of different cancers and in prostate cancer we have never been successful before. >> reporter: the treatment worked by extracting the patient's white cells from his blood. it shifted off to the manufacturer dendre
to revery. 11 missing crew members are presumed dead after the blast on tuesday night. jay gray. jim, doreen, back to you. >> jay, thank you. >>> scientists say the volcano was spewing less ash today and plume of smoke is low. two major airports in iceland are still closed because of the volcanic ash. but elsewhere around the world, airports are continuing to operate normally. however, all other airports in europe are operating and still working to clear out the backlog from all the flights that had been canceled. some people think it can be another week before the passengers get where they want to go. >>> wellpointe is one of the nation's largest insurers. secretary sebelius wrote wellpointe a letter. she urged the company to stop canceling insurance policies for women with breast cancer. that letter came after reuters, the news service, reported that wellpointe, uses a computer formula that automatically targets members who have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and then tries to cancel the policies. in her letter, sebelius wrote -- wellpointe should not wait to end the unconscionable
. it is just beautiful. really worth it. >>> let's see what's in store for "news4 at 6:00." doreen gentzler joins us with a preview. >> coming up tonight on "news4 at 6:00," we will show you what is being done to destroy the number one killer of nato troops in afghanistan. spirit airlines recent announced it plans to charge up to $45 for carry-on luggage in the overhead bin of the planes. but tonight the ceo of spirit airlines will justify the charge and face one of his toughest critics. nasa released new images of the sun that are just magnificent. hope you will stick around for that and more coming up in just you a few minutes on "news4 at 6:00." wendy, jim. >> see you then. thanks, doreen. >>> i think some people may have to tape the special tonight. i'm just saying, there is a little thing called the playoff hockey game that's very important. >> that's why we have technology. >> game four of the capitals first round series with the canadiens is tonight. this one is huge. chance for the caps go up 3-1 or even the series at two apiece. capitals players talked several times last few days a
's the weather. oh, my goodness. what else do you say? >> our weather, jim and doreen, omrealg at the end of a long week. little exhausting week here. get your brightest of the bright easter colors out. they will shine this upcoming weekend. temperatures today in the 70s. low 70s. few locations that hit 80. raleigh, north carolina. close to 90 degrees. if have you travel plans, terrific weather for hitting the roads. no problems weatherwise. once you get there. oh, my goodness. i made a few weeks to the forecast which i will tell you about in just a few minutes. not too many. still going to be the warmest easter weekend, easter break that we have had around here in probably more than ten years. jim, doreen. >>> thousands of peopvisiting of d.c.'s most famous attractions to take advantage of the wonderful weather. the cherry blossoms. john schriffen is at the tidal basin with more on this. seems like we always send the new guy down to cover the cherry blossoms. you hit the jackpot on this one. >> reporter: this is my first cherry blossom festival. after experiencing thing event, i realized
a population of people not known for being very flexible. doreen gentzler is here with more on how yoga is helping people with multiple sclerosis. >> reporter: living with multiple sclerosis can be tough, tough to even get out of bed some days. but now a program developed one of the most well-known yoga instructors in the country is getting m.s. patients up and moving around. doctors and special yoga students agree it is helping them to stay active both in body and mind. >> yes. that looks perfect right there. >> reporter: a few weeks ago, camilla martin proctor was no able to work her body into these yoga poses. that's because she suffers from multiple scler owes zblis there are days i can't hold a coffee cup. days i can't hold a pen there are days i can't see the e-mail came across the screen. >> reporter: the 33-year-old is having a good day. she never knows just how she will feel when she wakes up in the morning. >> i live with aer is sense of uncertainty. i go to bed and i'm not sure if i will be waking up the next day and not be able to see or not be able to walk or pick up my dau
taking a long time. they need to just do it and make things safer. >> reporter: doreen, news 4. >>> they are working on new types of packaging that don't contain bpa, finding an inexpensive solution is tough. >>> even plastics that don't have bpa can become hazardous if you're sticking them in your microwave. how can you tell whether it's safe to warm up certain food in certain containers, liz crenshaw has more on what kind of packaging can stand up to the heat. >> reporter: diane showed us the dos and don't when it comes to heating food in plastic bags and containers. >> plastics have different intended uses. different plastic containers are made to withstand various temperatures. >> what happens if i use the low temperature plastic in the microwave, what can go wrong? >> if it can't withstand high temperatures, it could possibly melt or change form when you're cooking in it. that may leech plastic into the food that you're cooking. >> reporter: check the labeling on the package, if it's made to be heated it will be clearly marked and refer to the microwave. if it's not labele
evening, i'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. >>> the united airlines flight took off this evening. authorities say air marshals smelled smoke, saw guys coming out of the bathroom and subdued him. 4-16s were scrambled to escort the plane into denver. nbc news confirmed there was no bomb nor was there any other explosive on that passenger or on the plane. craig melvin is at national airport now with more on this. >> reporter: you said it there, no shoe bomb, no explosives. the man may have been smoking in the bathroom aboard that flight. what we do know it's been a hairy situation as investigators try to find out exactly what happened. united 663 left reagan national this afternoon, 157 passengers onboard. six crew members. 20 to 30 minutes before the flight was set to land, someone smelled smoke. a flight attendant or an air marshal. an air marshal noticed good night emerging from the lavor try. they questioned the guy they were not sure whether he said he was trying to light his shoe on fire or put a cigarette out with his issue. f-16s were scrambled and escorted that boeing jet t
the team's locker room. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. gilbert arenas arrived at the gilbert county detention center. he'll spend two days there before he is transferred to a halfway house. jackie bnson is at the detention center in rockville now with the story. >> reporter: the suspended nba star is now an inmate. basketball stargill berth arenas entered the montgomery county detention center at 7:40 p.m. montgomery county's contract with the federal bureau of prisons allows arenas to serve his 30-day halfway house sentence here. it starts with two days in jail. art walenstephen is the director. >> any prisoner coming in like this is processed, previewed, interviewed, checked out, check their mental health, health status, see how they're doing. they remain in custody the better part of two days and then they are transported routinely without cuffs or anything else to our work release facility. >> reporter: after two days at the detention center, arenas will be taken to a halfway house and assigned to a 10 by 10 rule and have a curfew, do his own laundry. >> in
in washington history. questions being raised about the failure in the system. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. new details leading up to the mass shooting in washington, d.c. they tried to get two brothers off the street before the two deadly crimes which they are now charged. darcy spencer has our report. >> reporter: in the case of one of those brothers, there was a disagreement between police and prosecutors over the strength of their evidence. tonight some are criticizing the u.s. attorney's office. orlando carter is charged with murder in the drive-by shooting that left four people dead and several more injured in southeast tuesday night. carter would not have been on the streets if police had gotten a warrant they wanted to arrest him for another murder a week before. police say the u.s. attorney's office refused to issue the warrant for carter's arrest in the murder of jordan howell on march 22nd. councilman phil mendelson side police did the right thing. >> they were trying to prevent it. that's what we want from our police officers. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office invol
's only going to get worse over the weekend. good evening, i'm jim vanc >> i'm doreen gentzler. the cherry blossoms, beautiful weather and washington nationals will only draw crowds downtown tomorrow. don't plan on getting anywhere quickly this week. jane watrel is along the tidal basin with that story. >> reporter: it's gorgeous down here. there are still people down here this time of night. the cherry blossom festival brings about a million people into downtown d.c. during that two-week period. we saw a lot of them today and tonight. traffic was at gridlock. sunset over the tidal basin and the enthusiasm for the cherry blossoms didn't dim one bit. >> i'm 74 years old. i don't get tired looking at them. they are wonderful. >> reporter: tens of thousands of fans agree. >> it's like a winter wonderland. i saw someone take a peek where the cherry blossom blooms are flowing. it's beautiful. >> reporter: according to the cherry blossom festival official bloom watch, the peak days will last until next wednesday. bringing out amateur photographers by the score. >> i love taking pictures. i te as
'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. >>> the biggest tree to come down is one that fell across the 200 block of 8th street southeast. some of the branches landed on some cars there. nobody was injured. clearly though, there were some big winds out there tonight. tom is in the weather center. >> there was a storm that came through 8:00 this evening. we have moderate that came through with a little bit of lightning and no more big winds that knocked down trees. the radar is showing still raining in washington and montgomery county, prince george's as well as fairfax county. there is another band of moderate rain southwest of fredericksburg. that's going to come our way here over the next several hours. look at the temperatures. they're down into the 50s now after we hit the 80s earlier today. now 59 in washington. big changes on the way for tomorrow. we'll take a look at that and the weekend forecast. >> thanks, tom. >>> the diplomat who provided a scare on a flight from washington to denver last night has been called home. the government of qatar recalled him today as new details emerge
, new developments in the mass drive-by shooting in the district. jim vance and doreen gentzler are next with "news4 at 6:00." >>> still missing after an explosion of an oil rig. >> workers at the security and exchange commission were surfing for porn on the web on the job. >>> two news is pecks in a d.c. mass shooting case had their day in court today. it has been an emotional 24 hours for the victims and the families of those struck times in southeast d.c. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> doreen gentzler. murder charges were dropped against a 14-year-old whoa police said was the getyou a way driver in that crime and the families say the police still have explaining to do. >> you speak about justice. i think this was just a mistake. officer eyewitness saying he saw the young man flee the vehicle, flee the van, threw the guns out, apprehended the suspect. today they are saying oh, that's not the guy. >> i wish i had -- i could say every witness involved that finally -- helped piece this together came forward on march 30 and told us everything they knew that night so we could have had ever
. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the spill has the potential to be one of the most severe disasters in environmental history. today government officials said those responsible for the spill will be held accountable. jay gray reports tonight from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: yes. the federal government has today approved a request from the louisiana governor bobby jindal to deploy as many as 6,000 national guard troops into the region to help they desperately need here. oil continues to slowly creep into louisiana's wetlands. >> total catastrophe. hurricane hitting us a little bit at a time. >> reporter: only this is a man-made disaster. continues to ferry boats. rescue teams have already found animals dipped in the muck. >> the contain many at the site has not been effective and don't forget that this bill is still opening up 200,000 gallons of oil a day into -- a river into the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: a river fueled by 5,000 barrels of oil a day. pouring out of the crippled deep water horizon rig. >> this is a new challenge. it is -- something that we have never had in this
:00" tonight. doreen is in the newsroom with a preview. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, metro has taken action against two employees after its most recent train derailment. details about that. president obama is reaching out to a select few before he makes his choice for the supreme court. and we will tell what you newly row leased documents reveal about the behavior of former congressman eric massa. that's stories and a more on "news4 at 6:00." i hope you will join me and jim vance then. >>> dan is here tonight. what do you have for us. >> a little baseball with the hockey talk going on. easy to forget the nationals are in full effect. the nationals have the day of rest before continuing their series in philadelphia. and perfect timing for ryan zimmerman. nats' best player is missed the last two games with a sore hammy. he hopes to be ready for tomorrow's game. zimmerman, of course, coming off the first all-star season. career year. he was plenty healthy for lunch with lindsay. >> what do you normally get here? >> chicken with asparagus and mashed potatoes. i think you should have the char. g
to diagnose potentially fatal food allergies are inaccurate. >> doreen gentzler here is here with more on this. >> wendy, jim, doesn't it seem like we have been hearing more and more about food allergies lately? it is not our imagination. the national institutes of health says that food allergy cases among children increased about 18% in the last ten years or so. but at the same time, there is growing concern that patients are being diagnosed with allergies that they may not have. >> it would really itch and kind of hurt in a weird way. >> reporter: every once in a while 11-year-old jessica gets a funny feeling when she eats a piece of fruit. her mother was worried it may be annalery and took her to a doctor. >> we had an allergy test. they test for pollen and did it for peanuts and olives and nuts. then from that they said that well, she has a crossover allergy to fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: apples, bananas, strawberries, potatoes, peanuts, just to name a few. jessica's doctor told her to stay away from all of those things. >> he said it could be fatal. if she ate peanuts or any kind
. >>> coming up, jim vance and doreen gentzler are next with "news4 at 6:00." >>> pope benedict's personal preacher today compared the attack on the pope handling sex abuse cases to the persecution of the jews. barricade situation in alexandria caused big problems for some commuters this evening. >> metro is explainying the agency did not make information immediately available after a woman was raped in a metro parking lot last month. >>> this were more new jobs created in march in the united states than in any month in the last three years. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. last month unemployment rate did remain at 9.7%. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on this story. >> reporter: sounds a little complicated but the good news is that we do have more american jobs. the not so good maas is that more americans were looking for work and maybe because they feel the economy is improving and so the job rate didn't change. mott is your pryingly today the president pocused on the positive. focused on the
. >> thank you, chris. >>> here's doreen gentzler with a preview. >> coming up on "news4 at 6:00," new rules affecting the airline industry start tomorrow. these new rules could save you time and aggravation the next time you travel. also, ahead, popular program offering big savings appliances gets under way in virginia. >>> members of the navy may have to kick a bad habit before next year. we will tell you what and why. those stories and more coming up in just a few minutes on "news4 at 6:00." >> we will see you then. thanks, doreen. >>> how's that goalie? >> kidnap him between now and 7:00. >> is he feeling ill? >> tried to give him bad milk this morning. >> that could work. >> unbelievable. this is a huge, huge game for the capitals. prime airily because no top-seeded team ever has taken a 3-1 lead and lost a series to an eighth seeded team. capitals on their heels after losing a couple to montreal but can change everything with a win tonight. the good news, folks, game search is on home ice. lindsay czarniak at verizon center. game seven, of course, nothing new for the caps but facing el
weather service within their radar dicating there was some possible rotation taking place. jim, doreen? >>> a homeless man was set on fire in northern virginia. tonight, he's recovering from severe burns. >> tragedy at an adult softball tournament this weekend. a father of six is killed after being hit by a line drive. >> people all over the area are receiving what they call annoying phone calls and nobody is on the other end. >> good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler.
evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. derrick ward has the latest developments from police headquarters in northwest d.c. >> reporter: jim and doreen, a flurry of activity and developments in this case. want to show you video back at the scene while ee explain, try to explain what's going on here today. now, of course, word came earlier this afternoon authorities did not believe they had a strong enough case against a 14-year-old charged as the driver of the getaway vehicle in that drive-by shooting that happened march 30th. the shooting killed four people and wounded five after a high-speed chase which ensued. the young man who we will not name was -- run into a school. someone ran into a school. police encountered a young man in that school and arrested him as being the driver in that case. now, first of all, when word came out that this -- charges against that young man had been dropped, greatly angered the survivors of some of the victims. >> you speak about justice. this was just a mistake. officer is an eyewitness saying he saw the young man flee the vehicle, flee the
lands in washington. jim vance and doreen gentzler are standing by with "news4 at 6:00". >>> volcanic eruption causing problems grounding flights around the world. >> committed to nasa. the president is reassuring the space agencies is not going away. >>> another officer now suspended in the investigation into an incident caught on tape in prince george's county. >>> we begin with the final tea party express. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. right now, on the mall, a crowd is beginning to gather. this evening the mall will be the sight of what they plan as a massive protest. several thousand tea party members have chosen that location on this tax day to express their disgust with the government. culmination of months of rallies and
now been i.d.'d in the police beating tape. jim vance and doreen gentzler are next with "news4 at 6:00." >>> a boston tea party headlined by sarah palin. next stop, washington. >>> american icons on a crusade to save the shuttle program. >>> there's more confusion oar whether more than teachers unnecessarily lost their jobs. >>> we begin with the investigation into the brutally beating caught on tape which now involves more officers. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. somebody recorded prince george's county police officers beating up a university of maryland student after a basketball game. just a short time ago, the department held a brief being their own internal investigation. let's go straight to elaine
market. 20 years later, doreen is back in the kitchen helping his mom. she was ready to close last year. home from college and ready to start a career as an english teacher, dorian made a life changing decision. >> i told her i could always go back and teach, but for now i am really happy smoking salmon and helping run the place. >> he came at a perfect time. he continued, and business is good. >> not only our orders growing, but they have opened a second location in easton. barber uses her background as an artist to make mouthwatering delights, never following a recipe. also not disappointed is dorian, who is just happy to help his mom. >> it is good to see my mom not having to do it anymore. she has done so much for me, that i owe her even more than i am doing now. working seven days a week is not really that hard when you are paying back your mom for a lifetime. >> that is what i call a good son. here is a look at what is coming of new at 6. >> the race for baltimore county executive just becomes more competitive. we ask each of the candidates have a plan to hold the line on taxes. >
teenagers in the district. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. among the items is that the original target for the shooting was a funeral service. jackie benson is at d.c. superior court now where two suspects made their first appearances today. >> reporter: the documents describe these suspects as being so vicious, one of them fired an ak-47 at a woman just because she was looking out of a window at him. it took them three days to raise the money to rent the silver-colored minivan they used as a get-away vehicle. the court documents outline the blind hatred and revenge that led to the horrific march 30th shootings, the worst in the city's history. it began eight days earlier when jordan howe was fatally shot while sitting in a car in southeast. two others injured. police believe the motive was the suspected robbery of a gold-colored brace left later found to be misplaced and the shooting was planned by 20-year-old orlando carter, the brother of the bracelet's owner. he fled the hospital and vowed vengeance on those he believed responsible, friends of jordan how
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